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JAYDE Home Essentials is an innovative formulator and manufacturer of ultra-premium home and personal care products.

The JAYDE Promise

- Our products are 100% plant and mineral based. We use no chemical additives, colors or scents.

- Our products are designed to be safe for you, your family and your pets.

- Our products are designed, manufactured, packaged and transported to minimize environmental impact and footprint.

- Our products work…without compromise.


All JAYDE products are 100% plant and animal based. It is the essence of what we are.


All JAYDE products are formulated to do the job as well, or better, than mainstream alternatives. We believe good decisions should be rewarded without compromise.


All JAYDE products are safe for you, your family, and for your pets.

Concentrates & Refills

Our products are concentrated so a little goes a long way—less product to achieve the same or better results.

Less product results in less packaging and more efficient shipping. Ultimately the JAYDE way is more environmentally responsible, more convenient, and easier on your pocketbook.

A load of laundry requires 5x less Jayde than mainstream brands! Gone are the days of using the all-too-familiar cup full of detergent when a few tablespoons of Jayde will do the job nicely.

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Experience naturally powered cleaning solutions that work as well or better than mainstream products without compromise…

What They're Saying

Amazing product!

I LOVE this product. I’ve tried other natural cleaning products but this really works.

— Emma

Love this product

I absolutely love them, they’re so fresh and pure without overwhelming fragrances or skin irritants. I've been trying to make my home a little more sustainable and this is one change I've made that I'll be sticking to forever!

— Jane

Very Impressed

I try to use environmental products as much as possible but often they don't work as well as other products. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Jayde works.

— Amy